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"Delivering software quickly, reliably, and safely is at the heart of technology transformation and organizational performance."

DORA is an independent research group that studies the link between disciplined software delivery and organizational performance. They've pulled data from tens of thousands of software professionals all over the world and concluded there is a strong correlation between high performing technology teams and organizational success.

Pragmint was founded to help organizations adopt the tools, processes, and skills that support organizational success.

Streamline delivery process. Introduce teams to modern tooling. Reduce bugs. Deliver without tech debt. Grow talent to offset hiring needs. Boost engagement with teams.

Drive change across teams. Build a consistent approach. Community-based learning. Share important, yet difficult feedback. Reduce bugs. Introduce teams to modern tooling.

Grow talent to offset hiring needs. Reduce bugs. Reduce cost and frequency of outages. Streamline delivery process. Introduce teams to modern tooling. Deliver without tech debt.

Streamline delivery process. Drive change across teams. Boost engagement with teams. Reduce bugs. Build a consistent approach. Share important, yet difficult feedback.

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We Make Adoption Easy

We've developed a reliable 3 step process that creates a clear path towards upskilling your teams.


Every organization will have a unique set of attributes and outcomes that they require of their software systems and teams. Pragmint has a standardized process to help leaders articulate those attributes clearly.


Build a resource that helps teams close the gap between current and ideal state. Organize the content in a way that clearly shows how a particular skill, technique, or behavior creates organizational value. Pragmint leverages their proven knowledge base to guide their clients' customized version.


Different individuals and teams have different opinions, norms, skills, and tools. Fostering the adoption of best practices amongst a broad set of teams will require a patient, incremental, and varied approach. Pragmint's custom bundles a combination of standardized Engagement Models for each engagement based on that organization's unique needs.

Engagement Models

  • Embedded Coaching
  • Community of Practice
  • Code Foreman
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Consulting

Embedded Coaching

Embedded Coaches are deeply technical individuals who join existing project delivery teams so that they can teach best practices by doing the work alongside your team. Our coaches participate in and help to improve all aspects of the software delivery lifecycle: grooming, estimation, pairing/mobbing, code reviewing, production monitoring, etc.

While some knowledge transfer can be easily accounted for, there are many aspects that are more easily demonstrated than explicitly taught. Our direct integration into the teams ensures that both tacit and explicit knowledge transfer is taking place.

Having Embedded Coaches integrated into teams also amplifies the effectiveness of our other engagement models. Our coaches feed the "on the ground" context to our other teammates to ensure our efforts are making an impact at the team level.

Our Story

Pragmint was founded by people who are passionate about building great teams and organizations. Their biggest successes took place when they were intentional about building a strong culture and investing in their people.

They eventually discovered a repeatable system that targeted their investments with the highest potential return for specific teams and individuals.

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We are fully booked at the moment. We are accepting new customer requests for those that can start working with us at the end of January. To kick off that process, fill out our contact form.

Our Guarantee

So much of the work we'll focus on is dependent on the unique constraints, skill gaps, and situation your teams are working through. It's hard to vet a company like ours without getting started with us.

That's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee for our discover and define stages. Only once they're complete will you be able to make a fully informed decision on the extent to which our services are valuable for your organization.

If at any point in the process you wish to cancel, we will stop billing and end the engagement on the spot. We don't want our customers to feel like they're trapped. If we aren't proving value every step of the way, we shouldn't be working together.

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