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What We're About

Do you currently work at an organization that treats your trade more as a commodity than a craft? Do you want an opportunity to shape the next generation of software developers? Pragmint is a place where you can hone your craft while making an impact in the lives of others. Every day you're presented with new opportunities to learn and teach others how to build better software systems.

We believe that constantly investing in people is the most reliable path to organizational success. Our whole company was build around that premise. Our service offering is centered around investing in our clients' individual team members. Any investment we make in our own people, gets reflected in the quality of the service we provide. We've created a virtuous circle that incentivizes learning and improvement at all levels of our organization.

The ideal job candidate for Pragmint brings a lot of passion, self-awareness, and enthusiasm. Pragmint is a collection of life-long learners who have the humility to learn from failure and support each other when the need arises.


  1. Healthcare

    We treat our employees like they're family. That's why we pay for our employee's health, dental, and vision insurance premiums (as much as our providers will allow, which is near 100%). In the unfortunate case that one of our employees needs medical attention, we don't want them to worry about the financial implications of seeking the help they need.

  2. Professional Development

    Every employee goes through a paid onboarding process. During that time, the focus of their energy is on learning. This period of time can last multiple months. Once they've moved on, we provide a set amount of time for continued edification. The cost of all required learning materials are covered by the company.

    We do this for two reasons: (1) We love our team and want them to build long and rewarding careers with us. (2) Any investment we make in our people, becomes value for our clients.

  3. Remote

    We don't have an office. This is a completely digital company. We may travel for a fun work retreat or to build rapport with our clients from time to time. The vast majority of the work we do is done remotely.

    We encourage our employees to travel provided they have access to quiet places with reliable internet. We also provide equipment to our employees to ensure their home office setup has everything they need.

  4. Flexible Schedule

    We have a core set of hours that we work to ensure we can effectively collaborate with each other and our clients. However, the rest of the work week can be scheduled to fit the unique lifestyle of each individual.

Job Openings

  • Embedded Coach
  • Technical Consultant

Embedded Coach

You will join a client software development team with the goal of improving the way the team builds software. You will achieve this goal by building trust with your team, offering highly contextualized recommendations, contributing to the training efforts of your project's Technical Consultant, and pair/mob programming.

Your approach to building software is expected to largely be aligned with Pragmint's Best Practices, outlined on the insights page. Where there are gaps in understanding or skill, it is expected that you will actively work to close those gaps under the guidance of an assigned mentor.


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We care a LOT about our people. Our application process is meant to ease the pressure and burden on applicants as much as possible Our process is described below:

  1. Application
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  3. Live coding exercise
  4. Offer

We are committed to providing an environment of mutual respect where equal employment opportunities are available to all applicants and teammates. All employment decisions are made on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.